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Hi, I wanted to thank you for your work with mixOmics in general, it has helped me a lot in my work.

I had a doubt regarding the interpretation of the expression levels obtained in the circosPlot. Before asking, I have read in the forum and in several papers but I am still in doubt, so I have ventured to write in the forum.

I give as an example the circosPlot obtained in the tutorial of circos() | mixOmics.

We see that, for example, in the first mRNA (light purple, I can’t see the name) we see that LumA is above (gray line), Her2 in the middle (orange line) and Basal below (blue line). My interpretation is that LumA levels are higher in that particular mRNA and Basal levels are lower, is this correct? I ask because I think I have read in some places that the interpretation would be the other way around, but I am not sure.

Ejemplo - copia

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hi @Margonmon

Yes your interpretation is correct, add’ The mean expression level of that particular mRNA in samples LumA is higher than the mean expression levels in Basal samples’.

It depends on the data, how they have been normalised etc.


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