Unexpected correlations compared to expression lines in DIABLO CircosPlot


I have carried out a DIABLO analysis integrating three blocks of variables against my outcome (0 = healthy, 1 = diseased).
However, the CircosPlot shows incongruent results when comparing expression lines and correlations between some pairs of variables.
For example, based on the expression lines (and confirmed by a univariate comparison beween groups), variable X is higher in group 0 than in group 1, while variable Y is higher in group 1 than in group 0. However, the correlation between these variables depicted as positive. When I extract the correlation matrix from the CircosPlot, the correlation between the two variables is indeed positive. Can you please explain how this is possible?

Thank you,


Hi @gc2416

Thank you for using mixOmics and letting us know about this potential problem.

Can you please send us the diablo object from your analysis along with the script you use for us to look into it?

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