Circosplot organisation of blocks

Dear MixOmics Team,
first of all congrats on the really nice tool. I really like to use it to analyse my data.
I came across a problem while using circosplot. I want to construct 3 different circosplots that display different data. However I want them to visually look the same. But in one of the 3 the blocks are organised differently on the circle. For example in one plot: miRNA left upper corner, mRNA right corner and proteomics on the bottom but in the 2 other ones the organisation is mRNA left corner, proteomics right corner, miRNA bottom. I checked the documentation and I couldnĀ“t find any way to change this organisation of the blocks. So I an wondering if it is somehow possible to include in the command where to put which block?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @marine,

Thanks for using mixOmics and reporting this issue.

I made some changes in the latest development version (follow installation instruction from which should resolve this issue.

Please let us know if the problem persists.

Kind regards,


Hi Al,
thanks a lot for taking care of it so quickly. It works perfect now!
Best regards

Glad to hear that @marine.