Pch error in PlotIndiv

Hello Mixomics team!

I’ve been trying to run splsda on my dataset and everything runs fine except when I use the plotIndiv function, specifically with the pch parameter. When I run

plotIndiv(res.splsda, ind.names = F,pch = 19, col = c(“indianred2”,“dodgerblue2”), comp = c(1,2), ellipse = TRUE, legend = TRUE)

I get an error saying:

Error in names(group.shape) <- unique(df$group) :
‘names’ attribute [2] must be the same length as the vector [1]

My data consists of 2 groups, however, I would like to use the same shape for both. When I use

pch = c(16,19)

it works, however if I use

pch = c(16,16) or pch = 16

it does not run.

Thanks for your help,

Hi @v_vak

Thanks for suing mixOmics and letting us know about this issue.

Can you please install the latest version using BiocManager::install('ajabadi/mixOmics@devel', update = TRUE, ask = FALSE) and let me know if your issue still persists. I believe I have fixed this.