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Hello folks,

Thanks for this awesome package and an excellent website with tutorials and other help.
I hope you can see the image I attach with this message. The legend is a bit confusing: the color and shape a bit mismatched. Can you please help on how to fix this?

plotIndiv(MyResult.pca,group = oe$COHORT, ind.names = FALSE,
legend = TRUE, title = ‘PCA on OE’)



Hi @vthaker,

What version are you using? Can you please update to the latest version (GitHub - mixOmicsTeam/mixOmics: Development repository for the Bioconductor package 'mixOmics ') and let us know if the problem still persists. I believe this was fixed in Legend symbols do not match plot for plotIndiv of an sPLS-DA model · Issue #82 · mixOmicsTeam/mixOmics · GitHub.



Sorry, missed this post. Is this the latest stable version?

[1] ‘6.12.2’

Hi @vthaker,

No, the latest stable version is 6.14.xx. You can find it here Bioconductor - mixOmics, or install it directly from R using this code:

if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE))
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