Using DIABLO to integrate multiple metabacording datasets

Dear mixOmics community,

I have 3 metabarcoding datasets (targeting 3 differents groups of microorganisms) from the same samples. Instead of analyzing them independently, I would like to perform an integrative analysis in order to find potential associations between these datasets (i.e. between the different groups of organisms).
DIABLO was initially designed to integrate multi-omics datasets but in my case, the 3 datasets are all from the same technology (Illumina sequencing of amplicons). I think it is not an issue but before starting my analysis I would like to be sure that it is relevant and correct to apply DIABLO to such datasets.
Thank you for your help.


hi @vherve,

Yes, an N-integration (on the same samples) in that setting is fine, if you are looking for correlation / associations between variables of the different data sets.


Dear Kim-Anh,

Thanks a lot for your answer! Now I can start playing with DIABLO.