Tune.block.splsd function issue

Hello, I am currently trying use mixomics’ DIABLO and it constantly throws the following error while running tune.block.splsd function;

" Error in svd(x, nu = 1, nv = 1) : infinite or missing values in ‘x’ "

when I investigate the reason why, it is said that if the data I used contains NA’s or non-numeric entries this is a possible error; however, I checked my data it is definitely numeric but my files contains empty cells(NA). On the other hand a friend of mine who is working in the same project and whose data contains NAs ran the code without any errors. So, I asked her to run my code in her computer, and the same error occurred. Therefore I thought my data was problematic; however, when I use the same data by filling the empty boxes in excel, the error does not occur. I am really stuck here and do not know what to do. I would be very appreciated if someone have any suggestion.

I am also leaving my code here for you to look at it.