Error when running tune.block.splsda

Hi there,

I would like to run tune.block.splsda on my data corresponding to microbiome and metabolome datasets. However, when running the function I obtain this unspecific error message. I obtain the following error even when running the function on example data breast.TCGA.

Error: BiocParallel errors
1 remote errors, element index: 1
0 unevaluated and other errors
first remote error:
Error in filter(.data = data_max, row_number(x) == n()): In argument: row_number(x) == n().

I am not sure how to correct this error since my datasets have the same number of individuals and the same rownames.

Any guidance will be helpful,


hi @MANLOI01

Maybe try to update the package version, or change the parameters regarding the parallel calculation as it seems that it is breaking there.

You can also use the RStudio cloud to get the latest version and test this out.