Time course measurements / repeated measurements

We are planning to run mixOmics analysis on a repeated measurement data set. The data were collected at age of 21, 90 and 180 of age. While the mixomics program can analyze data sets at one time point, I wanted to know if the program can also run the analysis by incorporating different time points, such as repeated measurement? Please advise for this.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Your previous help with positive and negative circus plots resulted in a PNAS publication. We also are so grateful for it. The published paper is attached for you.


Dear Jiude,
Thanks for the feedback!

For your three time points we advise you try this multilevel approach: http://mixomics.org/case-studies/multilevel-vac18/ as shown in the example, it is only worth applying the multilevel if you see a strong individual variation compared to the time variation. If you are planning to use block.splsda or pls you will need to use the function withinVariation() and extract the within variation matrix as a new input matrix.

The other option if you are interested in clustering (but I am concerned the number of time points is a bit small here) is this paper: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fgene.2019.00963/full and the GitHub package https://github.com/abodein/timeOmics

Hope that helps,