Textbook on Multivariate Data Integration

Hi everybody. I read on this forum that there was a textbook on Multivariate Data Integration being written. Are there news regarding the publication date? I’m going to start my PhD very soon and it’d be a very relevant and interesting read! Thank you.

Hi @lorenzoF92, congratulations on your PhD study! :slight_smile:

I talked to Dr.@kimanh.lecao some time ago, and she was busy finishing her book. I don’t know the dates, but I don’t think it will be a long time before the textbook is published.

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Thanks @christoa. Any suggestion for similar textbooks (while waiting for this one)?

Hi @lorenzoF92, unfortunately I do not know any similar books. @kimanh.lecao maybe you can help with some input?

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hi @lorenzoF92,
it is in press now, so not too long (2-4 weeks hopefully)! when would you need it?



Hello Prof. @kimanh.lecao. I am starting my PhD next Monday on multi-omics data integration for Exposomics/Epidemiology. But 2-4 weeks is okay I guess! Thank you.

Hi @lorenzoF92,
I was told by the editor that the book will go in print likely in September.

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