Reduce the size of nodes in mixOmics


I’m using network function to visualize correlation between my datas, the nodes are huge and i can’t visualize the relationship between the the nodes.
i have seen the solution here : Change network layout - #3 by MaxBladen but i didn’t undrestand how to do reduce the size of nodes

Thank you

hi @Anouar,

Tthe best way is to probably extract the network and plug it into cytoscape.

# Value: `gR`: a `graph` object to save the graph for cytoscape use (requires to load the igraph package).

> data(nutrimouse)
> X <- nutrimouse$lipid
> Y <- nutrimouse$gene
> nutri.res <- rcc(X, Y, ncomp = 3, lambda1 = 0.064, lambda2 = 0.008)
# save network in an object:
> network.res <-network(nutri.res, comp = 1:3, cutoff = 0.6)$gR
> head(network.res )