Predict function negative values


I’m using mixOmics package for my master thesis project.
I’m using predict() function to predict, but I have some values in predict that are negative. I’m using as distance metric the mahalanobis distance.
I have two questions:

  1. Since the probability shouldn’t be negative, how could be possibile that I have some negative values? There’s something wrong that I could have done or this function could return negative values?
  2. What changes between predict and variates, both given by predict function?

Thank you!!

hi @Sabribar,

The prediction is not akind to a probability, it is a score. You can have a look at the supplemental material in mixOmics: An R package for ‘omics feature selection and multiple data integration, we give more details about these distances. Hopefully, it will also answers your second question (but if not, I can have a look at the book - not on my new computer presently!).