Need help tweaking PLSDA graphs

Hi, I’m new to R in general and also the mixomics package. So I could use some help in tweaking the PLSDA graphs that you get from the plotIndiv() function. I have three questions
Q1: Why is the resultant object a list and not a ggplot2 object? I thought the graphics were rendered through the ggplot2 package?
Q2: How do I change the face of the text in titles, legend and axis? As in, make them bold or italic.
Q3: Is the default font family “arial”? How do I change it if I need to?
Q4: Would it be possible to make the symbols bolder?

All in all, had the plot been an ggplot2 object, I would have been able to change the things with element_text(). But I don’t know how to deal with the output from plotIndiv() and my PI is complaining about how faint the symbols look. I know how to change the text size based on the vignette, but it would be even better if I could bold the text. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

You can access the ggplot object via the returned graphobject of plotIndiv():

X <- liver.toxicity$gene
Y <- liver.toxicity$clinic

pls.liver <- pls(X = X, Y = Y)

object <- plotIndiv(pls.liver)

[1] "gg"     "ggplot"

Oh, I didn’t know that I could access the golly object in this way. Thank you so much!