Is background prediction possible in 3D?

Hi there,

Loving the background prediction aspect of PLS-DA analysis.

From the perf() results, the best results should be with 3 components. However, the background mapping as far as I have managed to see is for 2 components only. It would help our sample mapping and cluster separation to map this in 3D with all 3 components.

Is that an option?

hi @lizak

Unfortunately, no! :frowning:

At this stage you will have to keep to a comp 1,2 and comp 1,3. We only have 3D plots for plotIndiv without the background.


Hi @kimanh.lecao,

Fair enough! Is there any work on this on the cards in the next year or so? Before I try and come up with a work around :slightly_smiling_face:



hi @lizak,

No funding so far for a software developer so I dont think we will get around this issue for quite some time!