Interpreting output file in rCCA analysis

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if the results show in this table are results of the same order of the OTUs how show at heatmap for example Bac_5, Bac_14, and others. Already in the output file, the list is 1,2, 3, …, 134 (that are the numbers of OTUs total for Bacteria), if the values referred to in the table are 1 (that correspond the OTU Bac_5) or not?

Because I understood that are 26 OTUs with associations positive and others are negative associations, but when I count the numbers of OTUs bacteria the total is 23 OTUs (positive) and 3 OTUs of Fungi. I should accept and classify it in order of the heatmap.
I hope that don’t stay confused the question.

Thank you for help,


hi @aoliveira,

The table you have output is the canonical correlation (i.e the correlation between the pairs of components corresponding to each data set and for each dimension). These correlation values give you an understanding of the agreement between your two data sets. It is quite low already from the first dimension, which suggest that it is difficult to integrate / find common information between the two data sets. A component is a linear combination of variables from each data set, and so this table does not really output anything with regards to the bacteria which are output on the heat map.

We have a few examples on our mixOmics website about the different outputs you can use with rCCA.