Error in plotLoadings with block.splsda

Hi everyone,

I was following the n-integration vignette tutorial for MixOmics using my own 2 datasets; however, when I tried to plot the loadings of my block.splsda() results, I got the following error:

Error in UseMethod("plotLoadings") : 
  no applicable method for 'plotLoadings' applied to an object of class "c('block.splsda', 'block.spls', 'sgccda', 'sgcca', 'DA')"

I am wondering why there’s an error code, given that in the tutorial the results of their ‘block.splsda’ can be use with the ‘plotLoadings’ function?

Update: I was able to extract the weights off the block.splsda output and plot them, but function does not work with splsda block design. If the error code is correct, should the tutorial be updated accordingly?

hi @mak0130,
Can you make sure you use the latest version of the package?
And is it working on the example data we provide from the vignette? We have not had any issues so far and none reported by our users. We don’t have many details from you to work out what could be from your version / data, or the package itself (see heading of this forum on how to report a potential bug).


You are correct! When I updated to the latest version, the function call worked.