Ellipse option in biplot() function

Dear mixOmics team,

I am using the biplot() function to plot a PCA. Is there a way to add confidence ellipses on such plot?
It works well with plotIndiv() but it does not seem to be included in biplot().
Is it something you are planning to implement?

Thank you for your help and thank you for maintaining such a nice and powerful R package.


Sorry to say @vherve, but this is not a feature that is currently within the package. This may be something we implement in the future, however due to the small development team this may take some time. Any contributions would be more than welcome.


Dear @MaxBladen,
Thank you for your prompt answer.
No sure I have all the skills for that but I will have a look at the source and see what I can do.
I will let you know if anything is working!


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