Clust.method in cim/cimDiablo

Hi everyone,

A week ago, I have presented some of my mixOmics analysis to Sebastien Dejean, and he told me one parameter I should change is the method used by the hierarchical clustering in the function cimDiablo (using “ward method” instead of “complete linkage method”)

However, it appears that clust.method is, as many other cim’s parameters, not one of its small wrapper cimDiablo’s parameters. Is it possible for you to add all cim’s parameters to cimDiablo’s parameters, please?

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Hi @emile.mardoc

Thanks for getting in touch regarding your question. This issue was in fact fixed and as of the latest Bioc release (version >= 14.0) you can pass all valid cim arguments to cimDiablo. Please see
mixOmics/cimDiablo.R at RELEASE_3_12 · mixOmicsTeam/mixOmics · GitHub
mixOmics/cimDiablo.R at RELEASE_3_12 · mixOmicsTeam/mixOmics · GitHub

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Thank you for your reply! It helped me, and I now get better results using ward method than I had with complete linkage method :slight_smile: