Cim distance matrix

Hi there,

I am a new user to the program and wanted to create a Clustered Image Maps for ecologic data based on fixed plots. However, the cim function does not allow for PCoA results to be used within the function or allow for the use of Hellinger nor Bray-Curtis distance methods to be used.

Is there any way we can add the PCoA matrix to be used as an argument while adding the new ecological friendly distance methods?

Thank you!

hi @AAB,

The problem with PCoA is that it is based on a distance matrix (n x n, where n is the number of individuals / observations), whereas cim() expects a matrix either of (n x p) or (pxq) depending on the method you use. Cim is simply a heat map of the input matrix, so you can easily do this outside mixOmics, where the input would be the BC or Hellinger distance of your data.