Change group colors in plotDiablo

I was looking at changing colors per group in the plotDiablo and no luck in adding parameters like col=,, in the plotDiablo(MyResult.diablo,ncomp=1).

Anyone know how to change that? Thank you very much!

Hi @martina
If you to change the colors of the external lines, you should change the color.Y argument. color.blocks changes the color of the blocks (proteomics, metabolomics etc.) and color.cor changes the color of the correlation lines.

  • Christopher
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I tried this:
blocks = “weighted.consensus”,
group = Group,
ellipse.level =0.95, = color,
legend = TRUE,
ellipse = TRUE)


Hi @martina,

I am so sorry! I thought you meant the circosPlot. Changing the group colors in plotDiablo is not yet possible when using the default function. @aljabadi is it possible to incorporate this?

  • Christopher

Hi @martina & @christoa,

It is in fact possible in the latest devel. Please see this thread plotDiablo - group colours · Issue #119 · mixOmicsTeam/mixOmics · GitHub

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I updated my R and package, it is still the same. Nothing changed. Anything else that I need to update? Thank you!

@martina did did you install the devel (development version)? To install the devel, use this code BiocManager::install('aljabadi/mixOmics@devel')

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Thank you so much! It worked!~~

Hi @martina there was a mismatch between colors and group in the previous version. If you did not update your figure yet, i suggest that you update to the latest devel version and make the plot again.

  • Christopher
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Thank you very much for reminding me!I will update and replot.