Bug in PlotIndiv using subtitle


I am running into a strange error when I use subtitle in plotIndiv.
When I run PlotIndiv without subtitle, all my images scale fine

However, as soon as I add subtitle, the plots are scaled and plotted incorrectly

Any ideas?
Code below:

ind.names = FALSE,
ellipse = TRUE,
group = groups,
blocks = c(4:10),
pch = c(rep(16,8)),
col.per.group = my.colors,
cex = 1,
subtitle = c(“Biochemical indices in jejunal tissue”,
“mRNA targets in jejunal tissue”,
“Morphology characteristics of jejunal tissue”,
“Cell types in jejunal tissue”,
“Free amino acids in jejunal digesta”,
“Protein bound amino acids in jejunal digesta”,
“Amino metabolites in jejunal digesta”
title ="",
X.label =c(expression(paste(“PLS-DA component 1”))),
Y.label =c(expression(paste(“PLS-DA component 2”))),
#legend.title = “”, legend.box = NULL, legend.position = “right”,
#size.title = rel(1.1),
size.xlabel = rel(1), size.ylabel = rel(1),
size.axis = rel(1),
size.legend = rel(1),
style = ‘graphics’,
layout = c(6,2))