Adjusting for covariates in spls

Hi all,

I would like to receive your feedback about the possibility to adjust for etiher categorical or quantitative variables in a spls model. I know that in the current version there is not this possibility, but maybe you guys have some trick or suggestion to overcome this problem!! I would reallly appreciate that!!
Thank you so much in advance for your availability.

hi @Serena,

Unfortunately we are far from these developments! The only recent development we have in the ‘shop’ is this paper to remove batch effects (it works for any type of study, not microbiome), but I assume this is not what you have in mind. Perhaps you should look into latent factor models (ZINB type models - recently improved for single cell studies, if that is relevant to you, it might apply to other data types).


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HI Kim,

many thanks for your suggestion!! I will surely go deeper in the model proposed by you!! It’s a pleasure for me to share knowledges in this very new area of research :slight_smile: