Result shows sample mixed, wrong label?


I have used plotIndiv to draw the single data set of RNAseq, and the result shows A1, A3, B2 were clustered together and B1, B3, A2 were clustered together, is this a possible indication that the label of the sample A2, B2 maybe miss labeled during the sequencing?

Thank you very much!

G’day @luckyboy,

Unfortunately without any context its hard to provide direction. Your interpretation of mislabelling is possible if you are sure that all A samples would cluster together and all B samples would cluster together. However, some experimental condition during sequencing doesn’t guarantee that all A and B samples will be found together. Sample B2 may just be naturally closer to the A1 and A3 samples, especially after whichever mixOmcs method you have applied.

If you can provide the code and plotIndiv output here (or alternatively, email me the data and your code:, I will be able to assist you a bit more. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm or deny your suspicions in the absence of any other information.

Looking forward to your response.