Possible small bug in latest perf.diablo.R

First off, a big thank you for providing such an excellent and well-supported package. It’s superb.

I’ve been using the latest stable version on the github master branch. Just a note that I may have spotted a (small) bug in perf.diablo.R in the new code to support progress bars. When I try to run the performance evaluation, I get an error that nrep is not recognised in the sprintf at line 88. That variable doesn’t seem to be in scope at that point - removing the reference allows it to run correctly (including progress bars).

Thanks! Jon

Hi Jon,

We’re very glad that you find mixOmics helpful.
Thank you for reporting this problem and the accurate pointer. I fixed it and it’s now pushed to GitHub and Bioconductor.

We always appreciate your valuable feedback so please do not hesitate to get in touch about any issues/suggestions.