Possible reasons for no prediction


I was running a sPLS-DA model and when I tried to use that to predict based on test dataset, some of the predictions were empty. The predicted values were just like this.

The way I built the model could work on some other similar datasets in my project. I have checked this test dataset, and there is no missing data at all. Is this normal? Anyone have experienced similar errors before or can give me a hint on possible reasons for this?

Thanks so much for your help.


Hi @Kathleen,

Thanks for using mixOmics.

What are the classes in Y in your sPLS-DA model? You can check using:
I’m wondering if it has actually got empty characters as class due to some sort of NA conversion, in which they will need to change.

Otherwise, I cannot reproduce this behaviour using our datasets. Can you please either provide one here, or send us an email with the code and the data.

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