PLS-DA distance between groups

Hello mixOmics user group
Is there any way I can obtain the multidimensional distance between groups when using the PLS-DA. For example I have some spectra scanning data (300 or so wavelengths - taken every 2 weeks from the same marked apples on the tree during growth and development - these are my catogerical groups for PLS-DA. Can I obtain the distance (mahalanobis ?) between the group centroids ?
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Roy Mc

Hi @RoyMcCormick,

Glad to know that you are using PLSDA in our analysis.

Mahalanobis distance is used to get the distance between a data point within a group and the centroid of the same group. If you wish to calculate the distance between the centroids of groups, you can simply use the base R dist function which supports multiple distance measures (see ?dist). To calculate the centroids, you can simply average the variates for each group and component.

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Hello Al

Thanks for the helpful reply.