PLS-DA analysis:'X' and/or 'Y' must be a numeric matrix

I am currently using PLS-DA for my classification and discrimination analysis on my differential gene expression analysis for developing maggots. I followed up instruction. Here are all the commands I used and what it showed:

X <- t(Trinity.gene.TMM.EXPR.wAnnot.matrix)
[1] 10 14
test1 <- c("100","100","100","110","110","110","120","120","120")
Y <- factor(test1)
[1] "100" "110" "120"
100 110 120 
  3   3   3

My input file looks like this

And I received this error when I did MyResult.splsda <- splsda(X, Y, keepX = c(50,50))

Error in Check.entry.pls(X, Y, ncomp, keepX, keepY, mode = mode, scale = scale, : 'X' and/or 'Y' must be a numeric matrix.
I have tried as.numeric(X) or as.numeric(X) . The same message still persists. My original input X file looks like this:

I am not sure if the format causes the issue, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know, thank you!

Looking at your code, I’m intrigued as to why you transposed the Trinity.gene.TMM.EXPR.wAnnot.matrix. Which of the dimensions that are printed via dim(X) correspond to the sample size? A potential cause of your issue is that the features are found as rows rather than columns.

I would however guess that the the presence of the X row (from the first image you posted) or V1 (from the second image you posted) is the problem. These are character strings and cannot be converted to a numeric nor can they be used by any mathematical method, including those found in mixOmics.