I have an error when I use auroc()

I have a question regarding the auroc function.
I have a microbiome dataset with 2 observations from each participant, under different domain. I used block.splsda() to perform sPLS-DA and had trouble getting the ROC curve using auroc() function.
I entered the following, but I get an error “Error in cut.default(cases, thresholds) : ‘breaks’ are not unique”.
The n-number is 138, but the numbers in the perf function arguments (M = 10, nrepeat = 10) are not suitable?
Many thanks for any assistance.

sgccda.res = block.splsda(X = data, Y = Y, ncomp = 2, keepX = list.keepX, design = design) 
perf.diablo = perf(sgccda.res, validation = 'Mfold', M = 10, nrepeat = 10, dist = 'centroids.dist') 
auc.splsda = auroc(sgccda.res, roc.block = "Domain1", roc.comp = 2 )

I am unable to reproduce this error, but I have a decent idea of where it may be originating from. I may need your data to diagnose exactly what the issue is. If you provide your email, I can reach out to you and we can work through this.