DIABLO TCGA data request

Hi. Thank you very much for all the amazing works. Please I want to ask if it is possible for the mixOmics team to share the processed TCGA datasets (gbm, kidney, lung, colon, etc) used in the DIABLO paper with the public. I think this can facilitate research in this field. Thank you.

I would assume this is fine to be shared as its accessible in the package. I’ll ask my superiors to ensure that it ok for distribution in its current state. I’ll get back to you with their answer

Thank you very much Max for your reply.

That data is fully accessible. It has been prefiltered as the help file explains but you are free to use it as you want.


Hi Max. I could only access the Breast.TCGA data through the package. The Colon, GBM, Kidney and Lung datasets together with the labels (high risk and low risk) are not accessible through the package. Will really appreciate it if you can direct me to the link where I can get these datasets. Thanks.

A brief search on google will provide what you’re after: